Brief Florence Travel Guide

It’s idiosyncratic features in each kind of its own art.


World-famous museums are a significant portion of the tradition of Florence. They don’t just give an account of their history of Florence but give Florence an appreciable bit of dose of background. Some of these remarkable museums include Galleria Degli Uffizi, Bargello, Accademia Gallery, Pitti Palace, and Museo dell’ Opera del Duomo.

If like me you’ve always dreamed about making glass beads at the pleasing district of Florence, then go ahead and actualize your dream. Such courses of lampwork aren’t just available for starters, but can also be feasible for people, who want to realize advanced level of knowledge in this special field of art. Tuscan cuisine is a hot commodity universally, and if you want to take a souvenir from this city, the best souvenir could be ameliorated culinary skills. If your husband complains logically of your cooking, a bit too much in fact, then opt for this and let him know that you are the uncrowned cooking queen of this planet.

Places to Visit

Boboli gardens provide a stunning view of the gardens of this wondrous city. Why not just take hold of a drink and be lost from the great thing about the garden? I assure you, you would go through the state of nirvana and neglect everything that’s ever caused you stress in previous times. If you are an admirer of the nighttime lights of any city, then see Piazzale Michelangelo get a glimpse of the astonishing vibrant lights of Florence in the nights.

Additional Areas to Drop By

Palazzo Vecchio in the heart of the art of Florence where most of major sculptures and paintings of consequential artists are kept. It has been embellished with all the jewelry of fine artwork that adds sparkles to its already shining beauty. Santa Croce, Santa Maria Novella, Orsanmichele, and San Lorenzo are a listing of churches that were beautified with crafty construction to earn their symbolic presence for the visitors and the natives of Florence alike.


Florence is a nicely connected metropolis on all reports. Inter-city transport comprises majorly of buses, taxis, railways and for people who want to enjoy the scenic allure of Florence, the option to travel on foot or bike is also available. If you love getting first-class importance and treatment when traveling then you can get this city by traveling in the very first course trains or on the business class tickets by opting leading airplane support. Florence has everything for all kinds of tourists; once you’ll be here, you’d be seeking to pay a visit to this place each year.

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